EGR deals mainly with corporations and businesses, but we will quote on your privately owned material.  The payout for individuals differs from our on-going commercial clients.  Please call us for quotes or send in a request.

We sell all bullion to individuals at very competitive prices.  You can order on-line or call us to reserve the price on your investment products.

We deal with all sizes of Lots; there is no minimum or maximum.

You can keep the metal with us and sell it at any time as the market moves in your favour.  There is no extra cost for storage with us or to hold your metal in the pool.

Please visit our refining page for all details of products, and charges.

Once you commit to either buy or sell, then you would have to reverse the deal and pay the difference in price. When entering into a buying or selling contract, both parties are bound by its terms.  If you do not fulfill your commitment within the allowed time frame, EGR has the right to settle the deal, and it will not be responsible for any losses.

Although, we prefer to complete the entire transaction for you, we can melt your material and charge you for it separately.  If you come back to refine the melted bar with us, we will refund you a portion of that fee.

If you are a registered business for HST and have been instructed by the CRA to collect HST on scrap products from refiners, then we will pay you HST.  Please check with your accountant on the correct procedure for collecting and paying HST or visit the CRA website for more information.

Please contact us for any other questions you may have and we will respond to you promptly.